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Means Never Having To Wait Until Tomorrow When You’re Sick TODAY.


Located in Lutherville, MD

Half mile north of 695N (EXIT 26A) in the Galleria Shopping Center on York Road.



Dr. Rob Stoltz is a board-certified primary care physician offering personalized medical services in northern Baltimore and surrounding areas (Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia). His private practice is designed to give its members unlimited access to personal, customized and on-demand healthcare to suit your needs.

Discover The Difference PERSONAL Medicine Can Make

When your doctor actually knows your name, your full history, and your goals… your health is better for it.

It can feel like you’re nothing more than a piece of paper or a computer screen at your doctor’s office. If they don’t have your history printed in front of them… they barely know who you are.

Not to mention the ever-revolving door of doctors that are in and out of your practice… meaning you may never know who you’ll see at your next appointment.

Remember when…

  • You could call your doctor and be seen the same day
  • Your doctor knew who you were (and maybe even your family’s names, too!)
  • CARE was PERSONAL and you felt like more than just a number on a file.

Remember what it was like to build a relationship with your practitioner? Who knew not only what your current health situation was… but your goals, your family life, and your history too?

Doesn’t it make you long for the times when personal care, personal attention and personal service was the norm? When your doctor didn’t have to look at the computer to know who you are?

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