Concierge Medical Questions

Need a few more details? Here are some of
our Frequently Asked Questions…

How Do I Join?

  • If you’d like to become a member of my Personal Care Medical Practice, all you have to do is set up a Confidential Healthcare Consultation with me and we’ll talk about whether we’re a good fit. Then you’ll fill out a Membership Form and we’ll go from there.

Do I still need health insurance?

  • Yes, even though you won’t be charged for services performed here in my office, you will need health insurance for x-rays, lab work, hospital & specialist visits. Remember: having insurance doesn’t always mean having access to your physician.

How do I transfer my medical records?

  • Easy! To transfer your records, simply fill out a Patient Record Transfer form and submit to us – we’ll handle the rest for you. (And we’ll give you the form, too.)

What do I do if you’re not available?

  • The only reason I won’t be available to you is if I take a vacation or am sick myself. And then, I’ll have a backup doctor who will be available to you – at no additional expense.

If I become ill and require frequent visits and extensive services, will my membership fee increase?

  • Your fee will not increase due to extensive visits – your fee covers as many visits as you want or need in a given year. That’s the beauty of my Personal Care Medical Practice.

What happens if I wish to withdraw from the practice?

  • Simple. If you no longer wish to continue your relationship with my Personal Care Medical Practice, you’ll give us a 30-day written notice (in person or by mail) and we’ll refund the pro-rated portion of your annual fee.

Are there any payment options for the annual fee?

  • Yes, there are payment options. We can discuss those further in your Confidential Healthcare Consultation.

Who are the members of your Personal Care Medical Practice?

  • Our members come from all occupations and walks of life – from construction workers to executives; politicians to schoolteachers; professional athletes to business owners. The similarity they have is that they all want better health care and have found it here with me and my Personal Care Medical Practice.