The landscape of the medical system in America is and will be changing drastically.

Hospitals are aggressively buying your present family doctors’ practices and putting them into their hospital system. In addition, I’m sure you’ve seen the rapid growth of the free-standing medical clinics and Urgent Care Centers that are popping up almost at the rate of Starbucks.

Is this the type of healthcare you envisioned?

Is the annual cost of your cable TV and internet a reasonable amount to spend on a healthcare advocate that will ensure you immediate access to excellent healthcare?

Are you ready for great medical care like it used to be?

Consider the following questions:

1. Are you satisfied with your present primary care doctor?

2. Can you see your doctor when you want and when you need him?

3. How much time can you spend with your doctor?

4. Will your doctor’s office manage your specialist referrals and call them to schedule your first appointment?

5. Does your doctor really know who you are?

6. Do you have your doctor’s cell phone number? Can you reach him for emergencies… 24/7?

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